Sunday, September 14

Last bit of Summer

After school on Friday it was warm enough to play in the sprinklers.
All summer long they have been playing game that the sprinkler sprays lemonade and they have to catch it to sell at their lemonade stand.
Today they changed it by dumping the water on their heads.
They squealed and then did it again.

When they were done with the sprinkler it was time for Popsicles!!!


  1. I think that my kids are really sad to see summer leaving. They have been spending every free moment playing outside. I had forgotten how hectic schedules get when school starts up and how much less time there is for play.

    My 8 year old receives a weekly homework packet on Monday to be turned in on Friday. Yesterday she did the entire week's worth of homework and exclaimed, "Now I get to play the rest of the week!" when she was done. I could tell that she is really missing all that free time.

  2. I can't believe you're still getting wet outside! We're wearing jackets here in Denver. Good thing I like the Fall.


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