Sunday, September 28

Precious Girls Club

- A Little Bit of Faith Princess A keeps asking me to read the book, A Little Bit of Faith, over and over. She then informs me in a very serious voice "I believe in angels. Do you believe in angels Mommy?" I always answer "Yes." After reading the book a few times we got on the new Precious Girls Club website. Princess A loves it. We limit what sites she can visit on the net and feel good about letting her explore this site. I like that not only is she having fun but she is being exposed to positive values such as being loving, caring, kindness, helpfulness and responsibility. I also like that the characters dress modernly but also modestly.

Here is a picture of the homepage.

The Charm box. The Lakeview.

I have 5 trial membership codes to giveaway. Just email me(nor_lou at if you would like a trial membership.

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