Monday, September 1

Another Zoo visit

I am so glad we got a zoo membership. When my in laws came to visit I figured out that for less than 5 extra dollars we could get a zoo membership. With every visit we can bring up to three visitors. We have already gone three times this summer. This time we brought a family that has four wonderful kids. The youngest are the same ages as Princesses A and G. Princess A got to put on a lab coat and pretend to be a veterinarian.
Princesses A and G always have to feed the goats when we visit. I always bring lots of quarters.
The zoo has a new carousel, we always take a spin right before we leave.
Right after I took this picture Princess G started to cry, she was afraid she was going to fall, and wanted to hold my hand.
Our zoo is not the biggest but I like that it also has an aquarium. My girls love watching the sea animals and it is nice having everything in one location. Here they are watching the sharks.

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