Wednesday, September 10

Liberty Mutual Responsibility Project

Have you seen those commercial where some helps a stranger, and someone who sees that helps a stranger and so on and so on? I really like that they were doing something small but they had a big impact on that person and those who witnessed it. It reminds me of a saying "Commit random acts of kindness." I want my girls to grow up being responsible and kind. I have seen the commercial plenty of times but I never knew that because of such a positive response Liberty Mutual set up a site, The Responsibility Project. Mom Central sent me a link and a brief description of the The Responsibility Project. I clicked on it and found that on the site they have many short films and cartoons about responsibility that you can watch with your children. Princess A really liked the bunny cartoon: Hot Seat. She laughed at the silly bunnies but we also talked about that it is not nice to trick someone even if someone else did the same thing to you. Just because everyone else is doing it, or at least aware of it that you should do it too. I will be watching all of the films with my daughter. I want to do them one at a time so each one sinks in.

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