Monday, January 19

Brownie Sundaes

Princess G has been asking to make brownies for a while now but she always ask just as I am starting dinner. She did this time too but I said yes as I had to wait for a huge pot of water to boil.
Princess A dresses up fancy for dessert.
My Mom sent the girls some cute ice cream dishes for Christmas and we finally used two of them for brownie sundaes.

Here is Princess G's dish two minutes before it was shattered on the floor. At least the dish got to be used once. This is actually the first dish the girls have ever broken and the same day my Mom broke her butter dish. The next day my Mom broke another dish and she has not broken anything in a long time. Very strange (of course I did not tell my Mom what we broke!)

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  1. They are so lovely! Boo to the broken dishes.


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