Sunday, January 11

Visit to Aunt Cathy's

My husband's cousin, Aunt Cathy, stayed with this summer and got her own apartment in September. With school, colds, snow and Aunt Cathy working three jobs the girls and I had not seen her apartment yet.
The Princesses decided to wear the outfits Aunt Cathy got them for Christmas (it was Princess G's idea and Princess A agreed, as was the idea for matching french braids!)

As soon as we arrived Princess G took off her socks, she really does not like wearing socks if she doesn't have to.

The Princesses took a picture with Aunt Cathy after examining everything!
We actually got a family picture, since I am the one who takes most of the pictures I usually forget to be in the photographs.

The Princesses decide to 'camp' so Aunt Cathy made them a tent to sleep in.

They 'slept' and played in their tent for a long time. Soon it was way past time to leave but we all had a great time and hope to visit again soon.
(Maybe even next week, we might get to go to the movies while the Princesses play at Aunt Cathy's!!)

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