Thursday, January 29

Princess G is Signed up for Pre-K in the Fall

Princess G is going to Pre-K at the same school Princess A attended. They only had only 2 more spots for the morning class already! Princess A was glad she got to come so she could say "Hi" to some of her old teachers. Now whenever we drive by Princess G says "I am going to Sister's school now!" She will have to wait until Fall but we might stop by before then for her to play.


  1. Hi Noreen. Check your email, you are my winner in the Bloggy Giveaways contest!

    Please email me back with your contact info.

    My oldest boy is going to pre-k next year. I am hoping I made the right decision about what class to sign him up for! I hate that you have to decide in early January!!!

  2. How exciting! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!



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