Friday, January 23

Tooth Fairy Boxes

Yesterday I bought plain wooden boxes for the Princesses to paint for Tooth Fairy boxes.
I bought a pretty shade of pink and some foam brushes for the project.

Princess G also decorated a box for her 'loose' tooth. (If you are wondering about her hair she has one ponytail and one braid, that is what she wanted.)
You can almost see the loose tooth, bottom front left tooth. We did this project just in time as the tooth fell out soon after we were done.
It was Princess G's idea to paint the insides (and the bottom) of the boxes.

The girls covered the boxes in stickers as soon as they were dry. I had planned on having them decorate the boxes with some plastic jewels but as they are their boxes the sticker will stay. I also planned on making a small pillow for the tooth to rest on but never found the time.


  1. That's such a cute idea. :) My 5 year old keeps asking me when here teeth are going to fall out! I'll have to keep this in mind.

  2. I picked the wooden boxes for the toothfairy boxes at Micheal's. they are a dollar each but today is the last day to get them 2 for a dollar.
    Glad you liked my idea

  3. What a great idea! The girls look so cute :)

  4. What a great idea! My little one loves to paint things and when he starts losing teeth I'll have to remember this one. I think I've got another year or so before that happens. :)

  5. how darling!!! Great project & keepsake for them =)


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