Tuesday, January 6

Making Her Sister 'Extra' Pretty

Yesterday I was upstairs trying to decide what to make for dinner, by searching for ideas on the net. The girls were downstairs coloring in their giant coloring books that the in laws gave them for Christmas. The books are fun but the pens really stain their hands. So far they have not gotten any on their clothes so I don't know if they stain clothes too. Well back to my story, I hear giggles downstairs, a lot of giggles. The kind that make you wonder what they are doing. I did hear Princess A tell her sister "This will make you extra pretty!" I was just about to go down when they ran upstairs. Princess G walks through the door and her face is cover in felt tip pen, the ones I just told you have been staining their hands!! For a second I thought of running for the camera but I thought the sooner I wash that off the less it might stain! Her nose, around it, around the lips (not the actual lips, no idea why she didn't color those), and chin were colored dark blue. Her cheeks were colored red and the forehead and eyelids were green. I grabbed her and ran for the bathroom. I grabbed the J&J no more tears and started scrubbing with a wash cloth. After lots of soap and warm water my Princess G is almost back to normal. She has a very slight hint of blue but my husband swears he can't see it. The funny thing is that she also got pen on her hands which will not come off. I think it is because it sat on her hands longer as my first priority was getting it off her face. Good thing I didn't go for the camera but what I picture that would of been.
Later we are explaining to Princess A that she can't write on her sister with pens, and she says "Well then I need some make-up." What!! Long story short she wants rosy cheeks. I told her she could just run around the couch and she just looked at me and said "But mommy that gets my whole face red and I just want my cheeks rosy pink."

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  1. Lol! You got to love the things that kids think up. :)


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