Thursday, August 6

Heatwave Update!

Well the temperature hit 107 at our house. It was horrible. The girls and I just stayed home, they played in a tub of cool water many times and had lots of slushies. I did not even try and get them to bed until after 10 pm. My bedroom was in the 90s at least. It was just us girls since my darling husband was away on a business trip. I was so glad he was gone for his sake. He thinks 80 is hot so it was nice for him to miss the heat. The next day was 100 which normally is so hot but in comparison it did not feel so bad. I was also waking up at 5 am to open the window downstairs to air the house out. I just don't feel comfortable having the windows open downstairs at night especially when my husband is away. We survived!! After a few days I was going a little stir crazy at home so after dinner one night we went to Target to enjoy the air conditioning and let the girls play in the toy department. They were ready to leave before I was. It was so nice and cool!! I hope we never go through that again. Since it was a record breaking high temperature (it beat the record by 3 degrees) I will hope it never happens again!!

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