Thursday, August 6

Day One of Our Beach Trip

We all took a trip to the shore to celebrate Princess G's birthday. I made a batch of rice crispy treats to take with us and as soon as we got to the hotel she started nibbling on one.

The first day was suppose to be the coldest day but since there was no wind it was not to bad. Princess A couldn't wait to go in the water but we convinced her to just get her feet wet at first.

Princess G was just so excited to get to the beach. The last time we were at the beach was for her second birthday, we missed last year when the in-laws came to visit.
Her last day of being three years old!!

She picked up some shells and placed them on some driftwood so it would be extra pretty.

I don't know why we bothered to try and keep her out of the water, her swim cover-up became soaked and covered in sand. She had so much fun!!

Next it was time to build some sand castles.

Daddy helped Princess G make a tower. Daddy continued to make towers while Princess G started making sea horses and starfishes.
Together they make quite the village. After a few hours on the beach under mostly cloudy skies we were ready to get cleaned up. The girls were a little tuckered out so Daddy picked up takeout and we ate in our hotel room. It was a wonderful first day.

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