Friday, August 7

Princess G's Birthday at the Beach

Cupcakes are perfect for breakfast when you turn four!
Princess G wanted cupcakes with sprinkles so that is what I made her.

After such a healthy breakfast it was time to open presents.

Princess A gave her a Jessie and Bullseye figurines we picked up in Disneyland (Woody is from a Happy Meal when the movie first came out, we have a Buzz too.)

We gave her a Sleeping Beauty doll also from Disneyland. The doll is reversible, one side she is Briar Rose and the other Aurora. When we were in Disneyland she kept asking if we would put the doll on her list for Christmas.
We also gave her an Aurora and Prince Phillip doll set.
I just love the way she pronounces 'Prince Philip'!
We didn't want Princess A to be left out so we gave her a ballerina Barbie, she loves it.
We finally made it to the beach and even though this day was much sunnier the wind made it feel so much colder.
The girls are wearing matching dress which you can't see because it was to cold to take off their two sets of fleece jackets. Despite the cold the girls couldn't get enough of the water.
Princess G kept finding seashells to decorate the sand castle later.
We found some pools left behind by the out-going tide and they were a little warm. The warmth was nice as even Princess A said the water was getting to cold. We warmed up in the little pools and then headed back to Daddy.
While we were off freezing our toes Daddy finally got the kite up.
It was too cold to play in the water too long so we started playing in the sand.
Daddy and his girls!!
Finally a picture of Mommy and my birthday girl!
I actually have my bathing suit on under all those clothes. I don't know what I was thinking as it really was so cold. A few brave souls, mostly teens, were swimming but only for a short period of time.
Daddy had found a homemade ice cream store which we decided to try after leaving the beach and getting cleaned up.

The each picked out cotton candy ice cream, I must say it really did taste like cotton candy. My darling husband and I shared a waffle cone with sweet cream and strawberry ice cream, yummy!!
Everyone got dressed up and we went out to dinner. The dinner was very disappointing. We went to the same restaurant two years ago for her birthday and that time it was great. This time the food was O.K., the veggies bland, service slow, the whole thing was sad. I know we will never go back!
The girls had fun and when we got back they were full of giggles!
Of course no stay at a hotel is complete without a visit to the hotel pool. I remembered to bring their hippo floaties. We spent almost an hour in the pool and it was a perfect ending to a perfect and very full day.

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  1. I love the family photo. You look great in that grey dress.


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