Monday, August 17

Field Trip at School Back in May

I was going through my pictures from May and realized I never posted about Princess A's school field trip. Princess G and I were also able to go but since I had Princess G I had to drive separately.

The field trip was all about farming in Washington. First we learned about the different produce grown in Washington. The girls are looking at some books during free time. The next section was all about farm animals. The girls liked riding the different saddles. Here is Princess A on a saddle used for roping, hence the horn to attach the rope when roping. (I think I have that right.) Last was the petting of the animals. They got to pet baby chicks, rabbits, goats and sheep. Princess A was so happy that we could come on the field trip though she was a little disappointed I was not on the bus. (Yes, we were still wearing our winter coats in May. It actually rained all day and was quite cold.)

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