Sunday, August 9

Our Last Day at the Beach

It was freezing!! The girls still wanted to wear their bathing suits but since it was so cold they also wanted their sweatshirts on the whole time.
It was a little early (about 10am) but besides one man looking for sand dollars (he gave each of the girls one) we were the only ones on the beach. Princess A and I were making a giant mountain!

Princess G went off with Daddy to explore. Once her feet got wet she was ready to come back.

I actually have a sweater on under my fleece. I love just walking along the beach looking for shells even when it is cold.
Princess G was so excited when the hole Daddy dug began to fill-up with water. They both wanted to know where the water came from.

Princess A had to build her own mountain bigger and to make a pool too!

After the beach we came back and swam in the hotel pool for a little while before we really got cleaned up and checked-out. While Daddy was loading the car we played in the lobby.

On the way to the beach we saw a handmade sign advertising a Star Wars store. After lots of searching on the web (I finally found a Facebook page about it) we got the address. We stopped on the way home since Daddy and his girls adore everything Star Wars. The store was so cool, almost like a thrift store of Star Wars. The prices were not thrift store but the layout it. the gentlemen who runs the store was so nice and gave the girls each some candy. I am sure we will have to stop each time we go through Aberdeen.
It was a wonderful trip to the beach. Hopefully we will be able to go next year when Princess G turns 5!!!

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  1. Matching Jackets! I totally love it. I think I'm definitely going to do that kind of thing when my girls get a bit older. :)


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