Tuesday, October 12

10 Easy Ways to Incorporate Fun Everyday

My girls and I love having fun but fun is not just during play it is for the whole day! Here are ten things we do to make the day fun.

  1. Sometimes if the girls sleep in and I have to actually wake them up, instead of waking them up I jump into their bed. I start snoring really loud while snuggling them and calling them by their stuffed animals names as if they were my stuffed animal.
  2. The girls both have long hair so I do usually have to brush their hair for a while. Every morning they bring something into the bathroom to read or play with. We usually sit on the bathmat and they have fun while each gets the hair style they pick (usually part braids!)
  3. For breakfast we like to sing while picking out breakfast and school lunch. We make up silly rhythms about what we are doing or foods we will be eating. Other times I just turn on the radio and we dance.
  4. At the girls school we have to walk to the back of the school for lining up. We usually like to hold hand and sing "Skip to my Lou." Usually by the second or third time we sing the song I change the lyric to "Skip to my Chicken" or something else silly, though the chicken one is my favorite! I just keep singing as though I sang the song correctly and the girls giggle and say "No, Mommy you sing it this way!"
  5. Every other Wednesday Princess G does not have kindergarten so we all wait in Princess A's line before school. While we wait the girls and I like to play clapping games, right now their favorite is "Double double Ice cream." Or I air tickle the girls. I make a movement as though I am about to tickle them but I never actually touch them. They always laugh as if I really was tickling them.
  6. We do not have bus service and we are to far to walk so I am at the school three times a day. When Princess G and I pick up Princess A we like to play games. Princess G likes to play: hide and seek (there are only 4 poles to hide behind), steal Mommy's keys and hide them in a different pocket, and her favorite unzip Mommy's jacket. She sneaks up on me and unzips my coat. I pretend to get upset and zip it back up. I then turn in a circle as she tries to unzip it again. she will happily play this game for over 10 minutes.
  7. After school the girls always want a snack. I like to give whatever they are eating a really silly name and the food likes to talk to them. Sometimes the food begs them not to eat them. Sometimes I make the voices and sometimes they do. The foods usually say "No, don't eat me!! O.K. you had a bite, no more! Hey, what are you doing!! Stop that!! Fine, just eat me! Never mind, DO NOT EAT ME!!" It goes on and on until they are done!
  8. Our house has two levels so sometimes when I am coming downstairs I sit on the top step and pretend to fall asleep. One of the girls climbs on my back and I go downstairs. Once I am downstairs I star 'looking' for the one on my back. I call their name a few times. Once they giggle, I 'discover' them and tickle them until the wiggle off my back.
  9. Our mail box is about a block away so we have to walk there. The girls like to ride their scooters. They usually race until I say freeze. I wait and then say "Go!" We do this over and over the way there and back.
  10. When it is time to clean up I like to play music. We have to clean to the music. If it is fast we move really fast. If it is classical we clean as though we are doing ballet. I like to change songs while we are cleaning so it is always changing. It makes cleaning so much more fun

Do you have easy and fun things you incorporate into your day. The girls and I love being silly as you can see from the list above. I like to make everything fun. We also have special songs we have made up, we have one for brushing teeth, when it is time for lunch, when I pick them up from school, and bedtime. We are always making up songs or modifying the one we already created.
Life should be fun, play more!

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