Sunday, October 3

Do the Puyallup!

Every year we 'Do the Puyallup' fair. This year we tried the bus. The girls were excited for the bus ride. We always take a picture here to see how they have grown in the last year. Princess G is getting so much taller. We also took our traditional picture with Mommy with the pumpkins. The Fair in the Fall is not complete without getting the soft serve ice cream, though I must say it really is not as good as it used to be. Last year a new dairy company took over but it still tasted pretty good, this year it was not bad just not terrific. We might even skip it next year even though it is Daddy's favorite part of the Fair. Since we went on the weekend the girls got a chance to go fishing. Princess G caught a fish first! She was able to touch the fish before it was thrown back. I was a little worried but Princess A caught a fish too, right before our time was up. We had some lunch and then off to the pioneer home. Princess A wanted to saw wood first, she is holding it in her hand. Of course Princess G had to have a turn next. Princess G was getting the cinnamon ready while Princess A churned some butter. Princess A chopped some carrots while Princess G got a turn grinding some flour. Now for their favorite part: washing clothes. They would happily spend an hour just washing these clothes and they only left because it was time for the clown show. We planned our whole day just so we could see Jest in Time. We love their show and we always make sure we attend at least one show each year, sometimes many more. This year we only went to the Fair one day and the girls' favorite part was this clown show. We have seen the show so many times the girls knew what was coming up next and happily they did not change the girls' favorite part: the toilet paper fight!
Have you ever been to the Puyallup Fair?
Do you have a great fair you attend every year?
Growing up I always went to the California State Fair in Sacramento and I loved it so!

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