Thursday, October 14

Waterpik SinuSense Review

My sister swears by her Neti pot but I had never tried one before. My sister and her husband use a neti pot everyday and they swear it is the reason they are rarely sick. I was always curious so I was looking forward to reviewing Waterpik SinuSence Squeeze Bottle and Neti Bottle. As soon as it arrived Princess G really wanted to try it. I told her I had to get everything ready first. I boiled the Waterpik Squeeze Bottle according to the instructions and also boiled water in my tea kettle and let it cool. Once the Waterpik Squeeze Bottle and the water in the kettle were the right temperature I prepared her first nose rinsing. I poured the cooled water to the line on the bottle and added one packet included in the box. Princess G and I went to the bathroom to try. She leaned over the sink and I gently squeezed the bottle as it was in her nose. She thought it felt weird but did both sides of her nose. We did not use all of the solution in the bottle as it seemed too much for a little one. Later I tried the Waterpik Neti Bottle and I though it felt weird. Not bad just strange. I thought it would feel like getting water up your nose in the pool, it didn't. I was not uncomfortable just strange. As I did it more it felt less strange and felt more natural. I don't use it everyday (I mean too I just don't remember) but a few times a week. I have slight allergies, not enough to take anything but enough that I an snuffly. The Waterpik Neti Bottle seems to helping. I still have the slight allergies but they are even less than before for me. I must say I like the ease of the Neti Bottle and the Squeeze Bottle. I just added water and poured in the pre-measured packet. So easy!

MomSelect and Waterpik provided the products to facilitate my review. The opinions stated are my own.

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