Tuesday, October 5

Tackle it Tuesday; ARM & HAMMER Laundry Tackle

Yes, I know it is not Tuesday anymore, I started this post on Tuesday but I forgot to post it until now.
Today I tackled my husband's and my laundry (I did the girl's yesterday before I picked up the ARM & HAMMER Power Gel laundry detergent.) I had a hard time finding the Power Gel version and finally found it at my local Target. Since I did the girl's laundry yesterday, I only did four loads today so we were able to even fold and put them all away by the end of the day. We always have lots of laundry but usually not to many with stains, especially large or tough to treat stains.
That is why when I washed Princess A's blue leggings the first time in our regular laundry detergent I forgot to check if the stain (I thought it was mud but now know that is was mud and grass!) came out. The stain had not come out and on top of that I had dried it in the dryer which usually sets stains for life.
I decided to try ARM & HAMMER Power Gel laundry detergent on the stain. I poured the detergent on the leggings and tossed it in with the towels (I had washed the girl's laundry the day before which is when I missed the stain.) As you can see the stain (the wet leggings are the before picture) did not completely come out but a lot of it did. I am going to try letting the detergent soak into the stain for a few hours and then wash it again. I bet the stain will be gone of course it would of helped if I could remember not to place stained clothes into the dryer. I am sure the dryer only made the stain harder to remove. After doing four loads, including a bleach load, I have to say that I like this laundry detergent. Our laundry is clean and has a nice light scent. I know that this is the detergent I will use the next time we have tough stain to treat. After taking those leggings out of the dryer I assumed that the stain was here to stay. Now I know the stain is not gone but it is much smaller and lighter. It seems as though it will be washed out eventually. What are you tackling this week?

5 Minutes for Mom and ARM & HAMMER provided ARM & HAMMER Power Gel Laundry detergent to facilitate this post. All opinion stated are my own.

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