Thursday, February 26

Husband's First Race

My darling husband's New Year's Resolution was to run a race for the first time.
(Well besides timed PT in the Army.) He ran a 5K at 22 minutes, his personal best.
I felt a little bad since I did not get a picture or a video of him crossing the finish line. There was a small incident with mittens and Princess G
just as he was almost at the end. Here is his cheering section. We only came for the finish since it was hovering around freezing at the start of the race.

Luckily it warmed up considerably by the time we arrived. Next month Princess A is going to enter a race with Daddy, either a 3K at her school or a 1 mile race for kids in a nearby town.
Next up he plans to run a half marathon with some co-workers.
I loved running races in high school and wish I still could (my knees are not quite lined up properly so running is not a good idea.)

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