Wednesday, February 18

Johnson's 50th Anniversary

I remember my Mom using JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TEARS® to clean my hair, I loved the scent. The smell still means clean to me. I also remember helping my Mom wash my brother when he was a baby. We would wash him in the sink, either in the bathroom and when he got too big, the kitchen. My brother was a bit of a butterball, we called him the Buddha baby. My Mom would give me a wash cloth to help wash all the folds all over his body, he really was chunky.
Once I had my own two little girls I also used JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TEARS® for their first baths, and the millions that have followed. For Princess G's first bath at home (the first was at the hospital and the nurse did use a cute little bottle of JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TEARS®) Princess A got to help. She was in charge of cleaning the feet. Princess A only got to use water, since Mommy was in charge of the soap (you can just see the lid of the soap under my arm.)

Even though my girls are a little older we still use JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TEARS®. The girls loved the new HEAD-TO-TOE® Foaming Wash since they could pump it themselves onto their wash clothes. We have also used the JOHNSON’S® Baby Bubble Bath & Wash for every bath since it arrived. The girls like the light scent and the bubbles are "Perfect for washing Cinderella, Aurora and Ariel's hair, Mommy!" As my girls informed me last night.

JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TEARS® is also perfect for cleaning faces when a big sister decides to make her little sister "Extra pretty!" (Princess A drew on Princess G's face.) I was so afraid I would have a very blue and green colored child but thankfully JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TEARS® removed the ink and there really were no tears. JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TEARS® has been part of my family for years and will be in the years to come.
For more information they now have great videos to watch on their own YouTube channel, The videos are not just about washing your baby, they have videos about how to play and bond with your baby, and most importantly how to get your baby to fall asleep quickly and easily.
After watching some of the videos click here (they are on the right side of the page) to get some coupons to save when you head out to buy some.


  1. Wow! I didn't know they hit this tremendous mark. Thanks for the news.

  2. How cute are they! Big sis is helping with the baby!

    BTW, my family loves J&J and my mom has used it on us when we were young. What a great tradition.

  3. I grew up using J&J's 'No More Tears -No More Tangles' It was the only way my mom could comb my hair. Not sure if they make it anymore:(


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