Sunday, February 22

Our Valentine's Day Party

First they let me sleep in, well sort of I kept hearing little feet tiptoe up to my bed to see if I was sleeping.
When I finally got up this handsome guy had flowers for me and his two little Princesses.
I received a lovely bouquet of dark pink roses and stargazer lilies (my favorite).
Each of the girls received a single rose.Next it was off to the Valentine's Day party Princess A has been planning for a week.
Here is our feast, juice, alphabet scones (in the teapot), toffee, cakes, tea, soup and other yummy treats.

Princess G is showing the 'ocarina' (a Polly pocket car) that each of us received from Princess A.

Princess A is passing out the toffee (yellow blocks.) We then shared a slice of chocolate mouse cake my darling husband picked up that morning along with the flowers.

Next it was time for gifts.The day before the girls and I made Daddy's Valentine's Day gift, toffee. This time the girls wanted to put pretty sprinkles on top instead of chocolate.
The girls each got a toy from Daddy; Princess A received a mini Tinkerbell set and Princess G a mini My Little Pony set. I received a warm sweater and a new watch.
(I kind of hinted for one at Christmas.)

Later that night a new babysitter came and we went out to dinner alone.
It was really so nice and the girls had lots of fun too.

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