Thursday, April 8

Crafts at HomeDepot and Micheal's

It has been a while since we went to one of the Home Depot Kid Workshops. The sign-up opens up two weeks before the day and I don't usually remember while there is room in the workshop, this time I signed-up just in time (only two slots were left.) On Saturday the activity was building a butterfly house. Princess G was so proud because she hammered all of the nails by herself (after I started them, I like my fingers un-hit!)

Princess A did everything by herself, I only held stuff together while she hammered or glued.

Daddy had perfect timing as he showed up as we finishing the last step.
Instead of going straight home we stopped at Micheal's for the free Easter craft, decorating a bucket. Princess A picked a purple bucket, she colored, used glitter glue (that got all over on the way home) and lots of bunny and egg stickers.

Princess G just used lots and lots of stickers.

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