Wednesday, April 7

Decorating Easter Eggs

Saturday morning I boiled the eggs for decorating, I then forgot them on the store (turned off) for a few hours. That afternoon the girls were so excited when we finally started decorating them. I had picked up a simple kit with dye tablets (we skipped the brown one) and used yogurt containers for the dipping.
We tried a new technique, we wrapped the eggs in rubber bands before dyeing. The girls though it was so cool but we a little upset when they each cracked an egg. Since I had left them out I already new we were not eating them. I told the girls they the cracks would look beat when dyed so not to worry.

We also tried dyeing each half of the egg a different color. I had boiled ten eggs (five each) and it seemed to be the perfect number. After the eggs were dry the girls tried to put on the stickers that came in the kit but most would not stay on the eggs, they never do seem to stick. Next year I will try and not leave them out as I really do like eating hard boiled eggs!
The girls had so much fun and can't wait for next Easter and more egg decorating!

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