Monday, April 12

Princess A's Birthday

On Princess A's birthday (the day after her birthday party) Princess G and I picked up Happy Meals and surprised her for lunch at school.
Princess A was so excited when she saw us. She knew I was coming to hand out cupcakes but she did not know I was bringing lunch (I sent her to school with and almost empty lunch bag, it just had her water bottle). She was also excited because for the first time I got her the big kid Happy Meal (6 nuggets instead of the usual 4 and a bigger drink.) She felt so grown-up. All of her classmates were happy to see us too because we had cupcakes!!!

When Daddy got home it was time to open gifts (Princess G also got two gifts so she would not be left out.) Princess A received a My Little Pony Bakery, a Ken doll (her first boy Barbie), Fancy Nancy puzzle and the Tinkerbell Hot Air Balloon (with the boy fairy, Terence I think). Princess G received a Princess puzzle and a Strawberry Shortcake mini doll.

My baby is now seven years old.

Happy Birthday!
Princess A picked out the colors for the frosting and the fancy flowers I made myself.
She told me that it was the best birthday ever!!
What more could I ask for?

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