Saturday, April 3

Great News!!!

It will be a very happy Easter for my sister!!!! Her husband just woke up today, really woke up for the first time in nine days. He was semi-conscious a few times but today he really woke up. He is incubated so he can't talk but he was able to communicate and follow simple commands (nod, blink). He is somewhat confused and a little upset. What wonderful news!!
As for my Dad and his cancer they did not find the primary host in his neck and they are not sure what kind of cancer is in his lung but the two cancers are not related. I hope all of you have a great Easter. Please keep praying for my family, we still have a long road ahead.

Come back soon as I have some contests, great reviews and lots of posts about my silly girls I will finally get to.

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  1. Great news about your BIL! I'll keep good thought for them as well as your dad...


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