Tuesday, April 20

We Ran a Family 5K Race

Last month we ran a 5K together as a family (well Princess G rode in the jogging stroller.)
Princess A was so excited to run in her first 5K.
Previously she has run 1 mile races and a 5K is about 3.2 miles.

Princess G was so excited that Daddy was going to push her in the jogging stroller.
Daddy even let her wear his race number.

I was excited too, I have not run a race since high school (Run to the Farside, a race in San Francisco and track.)

The plan was that we were all going to race together and that is how we started the race. After less than a mile my husband just could not run that slow so he started speeding up a little.

Princess A and I will still doing well when at about half way I had a sharp pain in my knee. I had to slow down and walk a little. Princess A kept wanting to run but I couldn't let her run off without me. I ran a little but the pain was intense. At this point Princess A was ahead of me, I could still see her but she could not hear me call out to her. I had to keep running just so I could see her (she was about 50 yards or so in front of me.)
Finally I could see the finish line so I motioned for her to run ahead. I knew her Daddy was waiting for her (he placed 3rd in his age group, only 10 seconds behind 2nd and he was pushing Princess G!) Princess A did so well, 36:09, and she would of finished so much fast if she hadn't had to keep stopping and waiting for me.

My knee was still hurting me but I still ran across that finish line (37:18).
(Plus I wanted to make sure Daddy was really waiting for her!)
I did alright considering how much pain I was in. My knee actually hurt for over a week with limping. I am not sure that I am a runner. I ran track in high school so I can do it, maybe I just need more training or more likely Daddy needs to run with Princess A. I enjoy swimming more as my knee doesn't hurt afterwards. I need to find a place with a pool that I can do laps during the day.
After the race we had some snacks and discovered a great yogurt (Yami) and the girls got to explore a firetruck.
They both received a fire hat and stickers. We stayed until they announced the winners (they kept delaying the time over and over) but it took so long to get started we will never do that again. The one nice thing was that one of the raffle winners gave his prize to Princess A (a t-shirt from a previous race). So may people cheered her on and were impressed by her running. More that one person said she would one day win the state championship. Who knows if that will happen but lots of people think it is possible!
We all had lots of fun but I am not sure when I will try a 5K again. I might just run a 1 mile with Princess G.

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