Monday, August 18

After a year Sears Optical problem is still not Resolved

I am upset with Sears Optical. I went to Sears Optical July 28, 2007. Yes, over a year ago and the problems I am having with them are still not resolved. My insurance only allows me to go to Target or Sears. I have always gone to Target but after we moved Sears was much closer. It was great in the beginning, I actually liked the eye doctor. Then I had to pick out glasses. Now my eyesight is relatively bad. I am near sighted and without my glasses I can read a book if it is less than 3 inches from my face. I really did say 3 inches! Needless to say that makes picking out glasses a little more difficult since I can't see what they look like on. I also have a small face so I usually have to order adult glasses is a smaller size. Well Sears does not do special orders so I had to pick from the kids section. I was only grudging helped when I asked for it but eventually I picked out a pair. When I got the glasses something was wrong. The center point was off so after wearing them a few hours I was sick (think motion sickness that creeps up on you and as soon as my DH got home I slept the rest of the day away.) It has happen before so I knew what the problem was. Sears did not believe me but after a while they agreed to check the glasses. They were made incorrectly and said they make a new pair. I told them I thought that the glasses were too small and that I should just get a new frame. They wanted to fix this pair first before changing the frames. They ordered new lenses and after they came in sent me home with them. They did not work (not as sick but still nauseous). They made me an appointment with the Doctor to check the prescription. It was fine so at that point they checked the date I first bought the glasses and said that it was within the time frame that I could change the frames with out additional charges.
I was a little mad as I just spent almost a month trying to get different frames. I think they were delaying me so that I would be past the time period of the no questions asked 100% satisfaction guarantee. I picked a new frame and surprisingly the glasses were great. The center point was correct and they fit. No feeling ill with these at all. One problem, the clip on sunglasses that came with it had a scratch on the lens. They told me no problem, we will order a new one and to just hold on to the scratched ones for now. Lots of phone calls, visits to the location, a few deliveries of wrong clips and it is spring 2008. Yes, about 8 months later and they tell me that these clips are no longer made. They offer me prescription sunglasses. A nightmare couple of visits and they won't fit me (they tell me my prescription is too strong.) I just tell them I want the cost of the clip refunded to me. They agree and stop returning my calls (employees on vacations, put on hold and hung up on or left on hold over 10 minutes, and messages never returned.) I gave it over a month and contacted headquarters. I just called them again to let them know that the regional manager has not contacted me yet (I was promised a call by last Wednesday.) They said they would send the info to the regional office again (standard procedure) but if I was not contacted by Wednesday I should call back and that the problem would be referred to the Vice President. I am hopefully optimistic it will be resolved by Christmas!! Thank you for listening to my rant, I feel a little better. For now I think I will wait for the new Target to open in October and hope they have an optical section. If not I will have to drive 45 minutes to the nearest Target optical since I will never go to Sears ever again!!

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