Tuesday, August 26

Princess G's First Haircut!

Yes she is three years old and is getting her first haircut!! Her hair is curly and never need one before!
Daddy was in charge of Princess G's haircut and left it a little longer than I would have. He loves long hair on her girls, I do too, but just a little shorter. I am the one that has to brush it and perform which ever hairstyle they request.
Here is Princess A with her haircut, I think it looks great. This is her 3rd haircut. What can I say I don't like going to get haircuts. Princess A loves the idea of getting her haircut but can not seem to keep her head straight or at the right angle and HATES the hairspray. The first time we went they used hairspray on her and a little got on her forehead. She did not like that, so every time we go she has to make sure they promise not to use hairspray or she won't get her haircut!

Here they are together posing. Don't you just love the smile Princess G does for pictures now!! They both look so beautiful!!

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