Friday, August 8


The day before my in laws left we went to a airshow. The girls just loved it. Getting to the show was great but as soon as the show was over my FIL and SIL wandered off for 20 minutes. By the time they got back we were at the tail end of the huge crowd, it took over three and a half hours to get home (it should only take 30 minutes).

Princess G got a little scared when a jet went right over us, it was so loud.
Here they are inside a huge transport plane.
They are both wearing their Hannah Montana T-shirts. They are really shirts my DH picked up in Montana a few months ago on business. Princess A has never seen Hannah Montana but her cousin has talked about her so when my DH took a trip to Montana she kept calling it Hannah Montana. She kept asking her Dad, "How is Hannah Montana?" Now when I tell that story she tells me in a slightly exasperated voice "I know it called Montana, Mom!"
Princess G is watching all of the "loopy-loops!"
It was a great show and I would go again. My DH does not care for crowds or getting stuck in traffic so I think it will be a few years before we try this again. It didn't help that we waited 45 minutes for the shuttle back to car and later figuring out we were a ten minute walk (the shuttle drove a meandering path so we thought it was much further.)

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