Saturday, August 2

Lilly P Badilly, a wonderful story

We got Lilly P Badilly in the mail a few weeks ago and Princess A has been enjoying the story and CD over and over again. She likes to sit at her table, open the book and turn on the CD. She listens to the story and turns the pages. It is a wonderful story, the music is just right as are the pictures. From the website:

Lilly P. Badilly is a little millipede with a brilliant mind and an exceptional talent for playing the piano. She lives in a teeny, tiny hole in the wall in the Miami International Airport with her grandparents, Nellie O. Badilly and Willie Z. Badilly. Together they embark on a most unique, and sometimes hilarious, travel adventure deep into the fertile rain forest of Costa Rica.

My only dislike is that they use the word "fart" in the story. We do not use that word (growing up that was a bad word, we used passed gas instead), my girls say "tooted." I was a little worried that they would start using that word or at least ask me about it, neither has happen so Princess A has continued to listen to the story. If that word does not bother you then I would whole heartily recommend this book and CD. The listed ages are 5 and up and I would follow that as Princess G has no interest in the book and she is 3 years old

Now if you would like to win your own autographed copy and $25 cash they are having a writing contest on their website for kids ages 5 to 10, in three age groups. Please go to their website for the rules and more information.

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  1. Your pretty princesses picked a great story to love! I've shared this with my little nieces and nephews--what a joy! BTW, Uncle Lynn is being pretty generous, and is hosting another Great Pop'rs Giveaway, so come on by!


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