Saturday, August 16

Butterfly Ice Cream Cake

Princess G wanted an ice cream butterfly shaped cake for her mini-birthday party and here it is!

First I lined my round cake pan with plastic wrap and filled it with vanilla ice cream, covered it with more plastic wrap and put it in the freezer overnight. I also made another ice cream layer in a rectangle shape (about the size of a Twinkie but half of the height.)

Once they were frozen solid I removed the plastic wrapped ice cream from the cake pan and put it in the freezer again.

Then using two cake pans (the same one used for the ice cream) I baked a two yellow with sprinkles cake layers and a small square cake about the size of two Twinkies. I let them cool for a few hours and cut the square in half to use for the body.

I cut the cake layers and the ice cream layer in half and a notch out of each side. Below is a diagram from Betty

I followed the diagram above creating three layers: cake, ice cream and lastly cake.

I then whipped some more vanilla ice cream in the mixer. I frosted the cake with the whipped ice cream very fast, covered it with more plastic wrap and froze again.

Princess G loved her cake as did all of her friends and their Moms. It was harder than a normal ice cream cake I have made but that is what she wanted!


  1. You are such a special mommy! The closest I ever came to being this "creative" a baker was a couple of times for Valentine's Day--heart-shaped cakes aren't so difficult to make! :)

  2. Maybe one of these days I'll get around to making a homemade cake. I'm just not confident about it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway. It's nice when I see people enter that are doing it because it's a product their kids (or they) will use and not just to get something for free.

    Your girls are adorable!

  3. Very cute! I'm feeling like some dessert right now!


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