Monday, August 25

Moving Out of the Crib

We are still waiting for Princess G's big girl's bed. We have been waiting since a week before Easter. If you want the whole saga check here and here. I decided today to set up the mattress (it has been in our closet for months!!) The Princesses were so excited they jumped on it, help me make it, and then messed it playing slumber party with all of their stuffed animals. I think Princess A was almost more excited. They want to have a slumber party in Princess G's room. I told them they can have a mini-slumber party on Friday if they are good. I can't believe my baby in no longer in her crib!! I left the crib set-up in case she changed her mind and wanted to sleep in it in the middle of the night. So far so good! I wonder if I will wake up with her climbing into my bed in the morning or if she will wait in her bed for me to get her up? I am betting on her getting up on her own!!

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