Saturday, August 9

Princess G's Mini Birthday Party

Everyone had so much fun. We had everyone come as their favorite butterfly (yes we read Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly all of the time.) All of the girls came with butterfly wings on. They decorated butterflies I had cut out by hand the day before. I made enough that they each made two butterflies. Once they were decorated with felt pens I put a dowel through the middle. I taped it on and off they went with flapping butterflies. We put on some music and the paper butterflies and butterflies kids had fun flying all over. They then made a big mega block tower together, which the promptly knock over together. They all laughed really hard and did it again. Once they were done with the tower destroying they made antennas to wear. Here is a picture I took just as the party was ending. I never did get a picture without any flying butterflies flapping their wings.
One funny thing was Princess G never wants to wear pants but that morning she insisted on wearing this Capri outfit. When I asked her why she said "I want to wear what I wear with Prince Philip!" She remembered that she was wearing the same thing when she meant Prince Philip in Disneyland back in early March.


  1. I love their butterfly wings, they are so cute dressed up. :)

  2. Cute little girls! I remember how fun it was to plan my kids' b-day parties when they were little. :)


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