Tuesday, August 5

Crazy Busy Week

It has been crazy busy here for over a week. Princess G had a wonderful Butterfly Birthday Party. Once I upload some pictures I will show you the ice cream butterfly cake I made and the butterfly crafts we did at the party. After the party we were very busy the rest of the weekend and then we had Bible Camp all last week. Princess A just loved it. Princess G is too little for the camp but since I volunteered she was able to go to the nursery. I ended up in the nursery so Princess G still has never been watched by anyone else without her sister with her. It was an interesting week (an older lady who worked in the nursery does not seem to like kids very much or understand what they are capable of.) Then we sold our puppy Chloe (it was not working and we found the perfect home for her) and painted our fence on Saturday. Sunday my DH's cousin moved in for the month of August. I am tired just typing it!! Hopefully things will slow down.


  1. It does sound like a busy week! I am planning my daughter's first birthday party for this weekend. She is too young for a butterfly theme, but I like the idea enough to save it for a few years down the road.

    Thanks for stopping by my giveaway recently. I have another one going on this week too!


  2. hey! just wanted to remind you that we have a weekly giveaway at The Pink Potpourri! this weekend's givewaway has been posted, so be sure to swing by and enter to win! also, we're doing a SWAP coming up in a few weeks, so let me know what you're interested in!


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