Wednesday, August 27

Cruising in a Pink Car

Princess A's friend has this cool car. We have been over to their house a few time and the friend has driven Princess A around. This time Princess A asked if she could drive. She was so excited when they said "Yes!"
Princess G wanted a ride too, so off they went. Princess A did quite well except when she tried to turn the pretend radio on. She would lean over to turn the radio on, run into the sidewalk, and forget to take her foot off the gas. Of course they both want one for Christmas but I told her it is to big to fit in Santa's sack.
Eleven years from now this scene will be repeated but with a real car, not a pink one!! My DH husband will be a nervous wreck the whole time. I just hope they are still the best of friends.

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  1. How fun. I always wanted one when I was little. I love their helmets too.


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