Saturday, September 11

First Day of School

Daddy took the day off so he could take his girls to school. I took Princess A to her line while Daddy took Princess G to hers. I gave Princess A a big hug and lots of kisses on her hand to last her all day. I kiss really fast a bunch of times and then one really long one on her palm. I ask her if it is enough kisses, give another quick hug and headed over to Princess G's line. This now our regular routine. I joined Princess G with Daddy and gave her the same kisses on her palm. I can not believe my baby is in kindergarten and I am kid less for a 2 1/2 hours!
i gave her another quick hug and watched her head into class. She was not worried, nervous or upset at all. I ran back to give Princess A a quick hug and she went onto second grade. Princess G had a wonderful first day of school and said she wishes she could stay all day! A couple of hours later we were back to pick up Princess A.
She also had a great day and could not wait to come back the next day. Even though it was still in the afternoon we went out for dinner!
It was a great first day of school!

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