Tuesday, September 14

Our Labor Day Weekend

The weekend before the girls mentioned that we had not been to the zoo this summer and wanted to go. I got the family up early and we got there about 15 minutes after they opened. The zoo was practically empty so we had the run of the place. The girls wanted to play first. As usual they climbed all over the rope spider web. I thought a picture of my two cuties in a bird nest is just too cute! After the aquarium we saw the African animals (the monkeys were really making lots of noise and the baby tigers were too cute) we went to see the sharks. We headed back to the aquarium to visit the touch area just as it opened. It was so nice that we were the only ones in there. Next we went to visit the budgies (parakeets). The girls each had a bird land on their seed stick. When we got home later they told our parakeet Lucy all about her friends at the zoo. We saw every exhibit and animal including the red wolf exhibit that opened the day before. We actually were done by noon and that includes eating our lunch. I think my husband thought I was a little crazy for getting us there so early but when we left tons of people were entering. We got through the zoo so quickly because we never had anyone to share the exhibits so we never waited anywhere. Early is the best way to do it!
We had also planned on having family over for a BBQ but they took a road trip so we just barbecued for ourselves for lunch and dinner all weekend.

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