Wednesday, September 1

We love the Pacific Science Center

We went to the Pacific Science Center the day we attended the Seattle Storm game. We were going to finally watch one of the IMAX movies but they were sold out by the time we arrived in the afternoon. We still had a few hours until the game started so we hit most of our favorite spots. The girls love spinning the planets and are always amazed how small earth is compared to other planets. Sometimes the Pacific Science Center will have extra booth set up and this day you could make a, well I forgot the name, but you draw to pictures, one on each side and when you spin it the two pictures blend together. Of course I always want to visit the butterfly exhibit!. One of the blue butterflies landed right on Princess A. Another butterfly was on Princess G's hand, she said that it tickled.
The girls were excited to find the giant table and chair set. It was moved to the area near the IMAX entrance. We also found a cool instrument that is played by placing your hand near the metal coil, the distance from your hand determines the sound. My husband was having fun playing it for the girls. We decided to ride the Monorail to go and get dinner. We love eat at World Wrap at the Westfield Shopping Center food court but when we got their it was gone. I wonder if the whole company is out of business or just that location. I used to eat at their location in Santa Clara when I lived their over 10 years ago. I loved going to the movies and picking up one of their bento dinners to take home.

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  1. World Wraps is still in business...looks like a whole mess of locations still open in Seattle. ;-)


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