Monday, September 6

Kindergarten Testing

Two weeks before school started Princess G went in for placement testing. Luckily they had many extra educators for testing, when Princess A had her testing they only had two teachers. The testing did not last very long and Princess G did great, she was the highest counter up to that point. (She counted to 49, about half the time she remembers 50.) After the testing we went in the back to the playground. Princess A had fun playing until she fell and got a little hurt. We went inside to clean up her cut and accidentally figured out who her teacher is, her name was listed on the bulletin board outside her teacher's classroom. We were excited to find out since the official postcards are not mailed until the 27th of August, though Princess A's never did come. We picked up lunch at Subway and when we got back the girls played in the back. I was gardening so I did not notice them playing in the pool fully dressed and wearing shoes! Eventually they slipped, got soaked and had to change. It was a great day but it made the girls wish for school to start even more!

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