Friday, September 10

Open House at School

Princess G was so excited when we went to open house for kindergarten. She has the same teacher her sister has so she already knows the classroom very well. Princess A was excited to see her old teacher too. Her teacher show us the picture I took of the Princess A and her teacher the first day of kindergarten two years ago. She has it on the book shelf behind her desk. She just adored Princess A and now Princess G adores her. This is where Princess G will be sitting for class. The class size is less than 20 kids so we are very grateful for that. The only disappointment is that Princess G's best friend is in another class but they will have recess together twice a week. We had to come back again in the evening for Princess A's open house, the kindergarten was in the morning. Of course it was raining just like the Princess G loves her new teacher as do I. Princess A is in the High Achievement classroom which just means there are more kids who are a advanced but not all of the kids are advanced. Her teacher will challenge them more than in other classrooms. Princess A at her desk which the teacher made sure was in the front. Princess A's eyesight is not 20/20. She can not see the board clearly from the back of the room but her eyesight is not bad enough to warrant glasses, she just needs to sit toward the front. Daddy was working late so he met us there. My husband just kept looking around say how much he loves their school and I have to agree, it is a wonderful school. The first hour was to visit classrooms and to sign-up for different activities and volunteer opportunities. The second hour was to go over the curriculum for each grade. Daddy took them home and I stayed for the second half. The girls were so excited and did not want to wait the extra day before school started!

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