Saturday, September 18

Sand in the City

We decided to take a trip down to the Olympia Farmer's Market and as luck would have it the Sand in City was going on. We used to live in Tumwater so we always attended the Sand in the City down by the waterfront. I remember taking Princess A the first year we lived in Washington. After looking at the sand sculptures we played with bubbles. No one was actually at the booth as it was off the beaten path. I remembered that it was the spot for the bubbles so we went to take a look. I was correct and for a while we had all of the bubble wands to ourselves. Soon all of our bubbles started attracting more kids. I miss having the Olympia Farmer's market so close to our house. I used to go every Thursday and knew which booth had the best produce and prices. After the bubbles we did all of the other craft booths. The girls made a sun catcher with sea glass, colored sand bracelet, the plastic vase above and stamped a Sun in the City logo on wood. We had a great time and I am so glad we happen to go that weekend. I really do miss living there!


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