Thursday, September 16

Last Visit to the Big Top Circus at the Pacfic Science Center

Princess A really wanted to walk the high wire one more time so we made another visit to the Pacific Science Center. We really are getting our money's worth with our membership! I went again and this time I took a few steps without holding onto the straps. Next they tried on costumes. Princess G was a ballerina. The last costume change which was just perfect timing since the volunteer showed up and we got in trouble for wearing shoes. Daddy had fun playing with the wheel. If the tire is spinning you can cause yourself to spin or change direction by tilting the wheel. Daddy went to get food for a picnic and we played near the fountain. During a pause between songs the girls raced to touch the fountain before it sprayed the water in the air again. Surprisingly we did not get went. After our picnic lunch we went to visit the butterflies, my favorite part. Princess G found a little friend and she stayed on her the whole time we walked through the exhibit. Princess A had two different butterflies land on her but both times the same women backed into her and scared the butterfly off. Luckily Princess A had the butterflies for good amount of time first. Here we are about to exit and Princess G still has her little friend. She said that its mouth tickled as it tried to find nectar from her red painted fingernails. Eventually the staff had to remove the butterfly so we could leave, it must of really liked Princess G.
We had another great visit and I can't wait until we go back!

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  1. Those costumes look like so much fun! What little girl doesn't love playing dress-up?


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