Monday, August 18

My husband is loving GreenWorks cleaners

I was sent Green Works Dishwashing Liquid to try. We already have the Green Works Natural Glass & Surface Cleaner and loved it. I should say my husband uses it. He is really the one who does most of the cleaning. I have not used it to clean much so I can not really say how well it cleans (my husband swears it cleans great, maybe even better than his old cleaning products.) I can say this the smell is so much better. I always get a headache when my husband cleans, especially the bathroom. He usually cleans with the vent on and the fumes are still overwhelming. With the Green Works I can actually be in the bathroom and the smell is nice. I am not sure how to describe it but it smells green, definitely not a chemical smell. Since we all love the Green Works cleaners we already have, (even the Princesses say it smell nice when Daddy cleans now) I was very excited to try the Dishwashing liquid. My expectation were more than met, they were exceeded (I do the majority of the dish washing in our home.) The smell is the same, light and green, and my dishes get squeaky clean. I have been asking my husband to try more natural cleaners for a long time but as he was doing the actual cleaning he got to pick the products. He just believed that you need all of those strong chemical to get things clean. Now he knows that these more natural cleaners can do the job just as well with out causing you to pass out from the fumes. He likes the Green Works so much that it is the only kind he wants to use now.


  1. What a great review, I have been wanting to get these types of cleaners for a while, the fumes from bleech cleaners definitely make me want to pass out too.


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