Monday, October 6

Caramel Apples

I made caramel apples for the first time with my girls. Last month when we were at the fair my darling husband kept eyeing the caramel apples but he said did not want one. He does that every year and then a month or two later he always says he should of got one to share with the girls so this year I made them. The girls wanted to help so I had them unwrap 25 caramels. My daughter also informed Daddy "we each ate one caramel first and then unwrapped." I added 1 Tablespoon of water and caramels to the sauce pan. I stirred constantly over medium heat until it all melted together. I then spooned the caramel over the washed and dried apples. As you can see the Princesses loved them. They were so excited to surprise Daddy when he got home. They loved them but they were kind of hard to eat, they each ate less than a quarter of each apple. I wrapped them up (after putting a little lemon water on the parts they ate) and put them in the fridge. The next day I cut up the apples and we all shared. It was much easier to eat them cut up. We still had one left.
Tonight we cut up the last one and Princess A asked" Can I just eat the apple."
I asked "Don't you like caramel anymore?"
"I do mommy but I don't like them after they are cooked!"
I wonder if she will like them next year as I have already decided we will do this only once a year.
Messy, but oh so Yummy!!

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  1. Caramel apples is a favorite at our house, yum:)


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