Tuesday, October 21

Children's Museum

I forgot to publish these pictures from the birthday party at the children's museum. The girls really had a blast.

Here they are dressing up for the theater stage.
Princess G really liked the pretend flower shop and garden.
Isn't she cute!!

The last time we went Princess G was only 3 months old. Princess A was 2 1/2 and she remembers of falling into the water and soaking her shirt.
(Nana was watching her while I nursed Prncess G. My mom came and asked me if I had a extra shirt, I did not so she bought a too big shirt in the gift shop.)This was in a little treehouse that the girls got stuck in, they had no problem climbing up but they could not climb down. I got to squeeze in and save them.

We really should try and go more often than once every 3 years!

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