Friday, October 3

Meeting Tinkerbell and Peter Pan

The girls dressed up just like Tinkerbell and then we went to meet her and Peter Pan. We went to the same darling shop where we meet Jasmin and Aladdin last month. We almost missed the story since Princess G had to change her dress at the last moment. At first she was going to wear "the pink dress the Easter bunny brought me" (a pink barbie dress-up dress.) Then right after I sewed the plastic barbie face back on she decided to wear her green fairy dress (really it is Princess A's but they share almost everything). I undressed and re-dressed her in record time. We ended up getting there a few minutes before they started the story but only because they started a few minutes late.
Again we wandered around the cute store and tortured my girls with beautiful princess things I would not buy them. My stock answer, which was used a few time was "You can put it on your list for Santa." I used to tell them to ask Grandma and Grandpa but the one year Princess A told them she wanted Princess dress-up dresses they thought she wanted PJs and bought her 5 pairs! I had just bought and washed two pairs of PJs, add in the pair of hand-me down PJs from my sister and Princess A had 8 pairs of PJs that were all the same kind, just different patterns. I could not return any since my MIL cuts off all tags before giving a gift!

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