Tuesday, October 7

Halloween Costumes

Princess A keeps telling me she wants to be a Cowgirls, Santa's helper, an Author, a Space person (Astronaut) and a Doctor when she grows up. Her plan is to be a Doctor in the morning on a spaceship, write books in the afternoon, be a Cowgirl in the summer and lastly help Santa in the fall and winter when Santa need the most help.

Well for Halloween she can be a Junior Cowgirl Dress ,a Junior Doctor or an Junior Astronaut in costumes from Pedal Cars and Retro Collectibles store. 5 Minutes for Mom is having a contest to win these and other great costume just in time for Halloween.

I just asked Princess A and her choices in order are:
Junior Astronaut Space Suit (size 6-8)
Junior Cowgirl Dress Up Outfit (size 8)
Junior Astronaut Space Suit (size 8 - 10)
Junior Doctor Uniform (size 8-10)
Jr Air Force Pilot Suit & Helmet (Size 12-14)
Junior Fire Fighter Suit with Helmet (size 2-3 for her little sister)
Junior Police Officer’s Uniform (size Size 12-14)

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  1. Thanks for linking..! I will certainly check out those links and get a nice Halloween costume for my daughter.


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