Saturday, October 25

Princess A's First Apple Pie

Princess A has been wanting to make an apple or pumpkin pie for quite awhile. I never remember to buy a pie crust and it seemed to much work to make it from scratch. Pensieve made The Best Apple Pie in the World and included the recipe. The recipe for the pie crust seemed easy enough so we gave it a whirl. We also had a bunch of apples that no one was eating. It was delicious!! I loved the whole pie and the crust was really yummy. I think it would be even better with a tart apple, we used Gala apples as that is what I had. Princess G is not a fan of the pie, she barely took a bite so maybe she did not really try it. I later used the crust recipe (minus 1 tablespoon of sugar) for a spinach quiche I made (Yummy). This time Princess G loved it and Princess A did not. She still ate it but with lots of milk to wash it down. I will be making this pie again and I will be using the super easy but great pie crust over and over!!

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  1. THANK YOU for letting me know you tried it...and LIKED it :) (got my day of to a fabulous start!). You were wise to know your comment WAS buried in my giveaway post--it's SO hard to keep up with them, so I just wait til the end and read through :).

    Congrats on it "working" the first time you tried it--the first time I did? a flop!

    Princess looks quite proud and I'm impressed she's an "eager baker". Darling pictures.

    Love that you've already used the crust for something else; I use it for quiche lorraine, too.

    Happy Tuesday!


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