Tuesday, October 14

Princess A's First School Award

I got a call last week that Princess A was receiving a surprise award at school. They had an assembly yesterday to present her with her certificate. Her teacher is explaining that Princess A is receiving her award for "Kindness and cooperation in kindergarten." Princess A's favorite part was when her teacher told everyone that whenever anyone needs help with a drawing she always helps and that she "is quite the artist." She kept telling me over and over, "My teacher said I am an artist!"
I think Princess A was more excited about the candy that she got to pick out rather than the certificate. I also gave her a personalized pencil case to commemorate the occasion, which she promptly put the lollipop in to keep it safe from her sister.

Princess G wanted one more picture but Princess A was getting worried that she was late for class since the rest of them were already back in her classroom. We got one last picture and walked her back to class.

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