Thursday, October 23

Show Me How Book Review

This book Show Me How by , is so cool!! The book has illustrations with instruction on how to do 500 things and the range of skills shown is unbelievable and fun. The things to do are as different as wrestling and alligator, origami, balloon animals, clay animals, making a disco ball out of a cd, making a bowl out of a record, to making rock candy. Even if you never try one of the 500 things (and I can not believe you can find one to try, I have a huge list and I am only through the first 100) the illistrations themselves are fun to look at.
My girls keep looking through the book asking if they can try that. This is book everyone would love to have, from the very young who can't read to 90 year olds!!
I bet it was fun when they came up with the list of things to include. I can't wait for the next book, that is if they make one. The book is not available in stores until October 28 but you can preorder one here.

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